Strong Families – Strong Communities

The Elizabethport Presbyterian Center is a gateway to building strong families and strong communities by supporting the physical, intellectual, and social needs of all. We support more than 5,000 economically disadvantaged residents annually through a wide variety of programs, including early childhood educational programs for 90 three and four year olds and their families, youth summer camp and tutoring programs, a lending library, social services to the poor and elderly, and a food pantry

Early Education

High/Scope Curriculum high-quality education, social development, & bilingual instructions for 3 & 4-Year old children from diverse backgrounds

Youth programs

Tutoring sessions that foster cultural connections and lasting friendships, to language arts workshops igniting self-expression, and summer camps providing nature-filled adventures.

Senior Clubs

From financial awareness and computer skills to healthy lifestyles and outings, our comprehensive programs combat isolation, promote well-being, and foster a sense of belonging.

Food Pantry

Recognized as a “super pantry” by the Hillside Food Bank, we proudly support the entire City of Elizabeth, offering referrals, home deliveries, and efficient distribution.

Upcoming events

Unleashing potential, shaping brighter tomorrows.