At the heart of the Elizabethport Presbyterian Center (EPORT) lies a dedicated and caring team, committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals and families in the Elizabeth community. From family workers extending a helping hand to social services outreach workers reaching out to those in need, our diverse and talented staff brings invaluable skills and passion to their roles. Led by our experienced Social Services Director and Early Childhood Director, they form a collective force, ensuring that EPORT’s mission of supporting physical, intellectual, and social well-being becomes a reality. Together, they nurture a sense of belonging and create a nurturing environment where every individual’s potential can flourish. Get to know the faces behind our impactful programs and services, each contributing to building stronger families and stronger communities.

Rev. Dr. Wanda Lundy
Rev. Dr. Wanda LundyExecutive Director
 Lillian Gourdine
Lillian GourdineFiscal Manager
Katherine Carter
Katherine CarterOffice Manager
James Carey
James CareySocial Services Director
Olga Guerra
Olga GuerraSocial Services Dept
Donna Scott
Donna ScottEarly Childhood Director
Paola Maldonado
Paola MaldonadoTeacher Assistant
Hilda Alcocer
Hilda AlcocerTeacher Assistant
Patricia McRae
Patricia McRaeChildhood Teacher
Maria Rodriguez
Maria RodriguezTeacher Assistant
Melina Espin
Melina EspinChildhood Teacher
Marleny Flores
Marleny FloresTeacher Assistant
Curtis Graham
Curtis GrahamJanitor
Jennifer Bostic
Jennifer BosticCook Assistant
Latoya Roberts
Latoya RobertsBus Driver
Nancy Manigo Salter
Nancy Manigo SalterBus Driver

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